Nano Brows: The Next Generation of Hyperrealistic Eyebrow Tattoos

Gone are the days of tedious brow grooming with pencils, pomades, and gels. With innovative semi-permanent makeup techniques like nano brows, you can achieve flawless, fuller brows that turn heads – no daily filling required!

Nano brows utilize ultra-fine needles to deposit pigments into the skin, creating hyperrealistic eyebrow tattoos with strokes that mimic natural hairs. This cutting-edge form of permanent makeup surpasses microblading with longer lasting results and precise application specially designed for the unique needs of your eyebrows and facial features.

Read on to discover all the essential details on this next-level brow enhancer:

Overview of Nano Brows

What Are Nano Brows?

Nano brows are a semi-permanent makeup procedure that employs ultra-fine needles – even more precise than those used in microblading – to implant pigment into the skin. This creates faux brow hairs in the form of tiny hair strokes along the brow bone.

Unlike the manual microblading technique which uses a handheld blade to make cuts in the skin, nano brow needles utilize machine strokes to gently deposit ink without cutting the top layer of skin. The results are hyperrealistic eyebrows that appear fuller, reshape the face, and can last between 1 to 3 years on average.

>>  “There is more saturation with each stroke and the healed results are more predictable with nano brows. So there’s less ups and downs after the appointment as well.” – *Shadiyah, Microblading Expert*

Nano Brows vs. Microblading

While nano brows and microblading are semi-permanent brow tattoo procedures utilizing a similar hair stroke technique, there are a few key differences:

  • Nano needles are finer allowing greater detail and precision. The ultra-fine tips permit more realistic simulation of brow hairs.
  • With shallower pigment implantation in the skin, nano brows fade more quickly than microbladed brows. Microblading can last 1-2 years, while nano brows last 1-3 years before requiring touch ups.
  • Nano brows involve less skin trauma since no blades cut into the surface layer. This makes healing quicker with less scabbing compared to microblading.
  • Those with oily or thick skin that have difficulty retaining pigment may achieve longer lasting results from nano brows versus microblading

Benefits of Nano Brows

There are many advantages this cutting-edge brow tattoo procedure has over traditional methods like microblading, powder brows, or daily makeup application:

  • Longer lasting than microblading, powder brows, and brow makeup
  • Ability to achieve realistic, hypernatural hair strokes
  • Fuller, perfectly shaped brows custom designed for your unique facial features and proportions
  • With semi-permanent results lasting years, far less maintenance upkeep compared to monthly brow waxing/threading, or daily brow product application
  • Symmetry perfection – no more worrying about uneven brow filling compared to manual techniques

For those desiring defined, envy-worthy brows that effortlessly enhance your features, nano brows deliver measurable improvements without the need for daily cosmetic sessions.

The Nano Brows Procedure

Curious what actually happens when you get nano brows? Let’s walk through  he step-by-step process:

Consultation and Design

The first part of any quality nano brow appointment starts with an in-depth consultation:

  • You’ll discuss your desired brow shape, size, fullness level, and any correction to asymmetry
  • Your natural facial proportions are evaluated and measured precisely to create the ideal brow design
  • Discussion of skin type, tattoo history, and expectations for longevity
  • Together with your technician’s expert advice, the perfect brow style is decided on
  • Next, an specialized brow pencil is used to draw on the planned brows so you can visualize and approve the shape before nano strokes begin

This vital consultation phase ensures you and your nano brow specialist are aligned on achieving realistic, well-balanced results tailored to your individual facial structure.

Numbing and Equipment Preparation

Once the brow plan is set, the process continues:

  1. A topical anesthetic like Zensa numbing cream is applied to make the procedure comfortable
  2. While numbing takes effect, your technician prepares tools and pigments
  3. The nano blading device with sterile ultra-fine needles is readied to perform hair strokes
  4. You may feel slight pressure but should not feel pain due to numbing agents

Without any discomfort holding you back, it’s time for beautiful brows!

Implanting Pigment for Realistic Hair Strokes

Next your technician employs special nano needles with extreme precision to deposit brow pigments:

  • Using steady movements, hair-like strokes are applied to meticulously fill in the brow
  • With machine guided strokes no longer than a real hair, symmetry and shape are perfected
  • For those desiring a bolder brow, the technician may do multiple passes to deepen color intensity
  • Common stroke styles include hair-like, microfeathering, ombre shading, and balanced combinations depending on brow goals
  • Once the shape is filled, make any final tweaks like reinforcing arch definition

The entire process involves constant collaboration, checking in to ensure complete satisfaction through every step. This vital partnership achieves a truly custom nano brow experience.

Mild Discomfort, Not Pain

Due to the use of numbing cream beforehand, most don’t find nano brow tattoo application painful, though some mildly uncomfortable sensations may be felt:

  • You’ll likely feel tugging or pressure as the needles implant pigment
  • There may be sensitivity if needles move over bony brow areas
  • Most handle any minor discomfort well by focusing on conversation with the technician

With a high pain tolerance not required, almost anyone can have this life-changing experience!

Potential Side Effects

While considered very safe semi-permanent makeup procedures with few risks when properly practiced, be aware of the following possibilities with nano brows:

  • As expected with any tattoo, common side effects involve short term redness, swelling, itching near treated area
  • Scabbing and peeling may occur 1-2 weeks post procedure as skin naturally heals
  • If aftercare directions aren’t followed properly, premature fading can occur
  • Note that while rare, eyebrow tattoo procedures do carry standard tattoo risks like infection and allergic reaction

Choose an experienced, licensed nano brow specialist with a medical background to minimize the chances of complications. Most clients heal beautifully with simple aftercare.

Aftercare and Maintenance

The work doesn’t stop once your initial nano brows appointment finishes. Proper aftercare and maintenance is vital for best results:

Strict Aftercare (First 2+ Weeks)

Due to nano brows involving breaking skin layers with needles, careful aftercare helps optimal healing:

  • No sweating, swimming, makeup near brows for 10-14 days
  • Use gentle cleansers only – avoid soap and abrasives
  • Gently apply ointment like Aquaphor to protect & hydrate
  • No sun exposure or tanning
  • Never scratch or pick – let any scabbing naturally fall off

Following your technician’s custom aftercare directions is crucial during the delicate healing period for proper pigment retention and lasting nano brow results.

Ongoing Maintenance

Unlike a traditional body tattoo, nano eyebrows require occasional maintenance as pigment fades:

  • Initial nano brows last 1-3 years, but expect some gradual fading over time
  • Schedule annual or bi-annual touch up appointments
  • Touch up sessions are typically discounted from original price
  • Top off any pigment that faded and reinforce shape
  • Consistent touch ups help brows last up to 5 years or longer!

With occasional tune-up appointments, nano brow results can be extended and maintained for years without needing full renovations.

Avoiding Premature Fading

Prevent early pigment fading between appointments with the following habits:

  • Apply SPF daily and avoid direct sun exposure on brows
  • No chemical peel, microdermabrasion, etc that removes skin layers where pigment resides
  • Avoid brow waxing, threading, tweezing between touch ups
  • Carefully cleanse brows without vigorous scrubbing or exfoliation
  • See your technician sooner if you notice excessive fading

Protecting nano brows means taking extra care not to disturb the sections of skin housing your semi-permanent pigment. Let your touch up specialist handle any grooming in between appointments.

Suitability and Skincare Considerations

While nano brows work wonderfully for most skin types and complexions, specialized circumstances deserve extra attention:

Best Candidates

Those below achieve the very best nano eyebrow results:

  • People with normal, oily, and thick skin
  • Clients wanting realistic, fuller-looking definition
  • Those open to annual/bi-annual touch up maintenance
  • Healthy skin free of sensitivities and conditions

Tougher, oilier skin that resists retaining pigment often has better luck with longer lasting nano brows over other procedures.


Use caution or avoid nano brows completely if any of the following apply:

  • Sensitive skin prone to redness and irritation
  • History of keloid scars or overgrowth scarring
  • Active inflammatory skin issues like eczema, psoriasis or dermatitis
  • Aggressive acne concentrated near brow area
  • Allergies or sensitivities to tattoo ink chemicals

Consult further with both your doctor and a nano brow specialist beforehand if concerned about any underlying condition. Always disclose full health background.

Special Considerations

Keep the following additional factors in mind:

  • Those with very sparse brows due to overplucking may lack sufficient hair follicles to achieve desired fuller shaping
  • Have a patch test done elsewhere first if worried about potential skin reactions
  • View before and after portfolio examples of nano work done on your skin type specifically

Do your homework in selecting the ideal nano technician for your unique needs and skin concerns. An extra consultation ahead of committing can clarify remaining questions.

Cost Factors and Long Term Investment

Like all highly skilled esthetic services, the financials depend on several elements:

Cost Range

Expect to invest anywhere from:

  • $500 – $2000 per nano brow appointment
  • Price varies based on your location, the technician’s experience level, the extent of corrections needed, and factors like adding richer pigment or greater hair density

Geographic Differences

You’ll find price variation among different metros and regional markets:
  • Greater overall costs near large cities like Los Angeles, New York City, Miami
  • Mid-sized communities balance affordability and availability
  • Research your local options thoroughly through reviews and photo examples.

Level of Expertise & Reputation

The more specialized skill and client results a nano brow artist has built, the more you can expect to pay:

  • Advanced specialists with cosmetic tattoo degrees and certifications
  • Top rated technicians with years of proven microblading experience
  • Check reviews and real client photos to confirm expertise

Yet their elevated skill often translates to better retention and artistry finesse – worthy of a higher price tag.

Accounting for Maintenance

Unlike a traditional tattoo or cosmetic surgery, semi-permanent make up like nano brows requires ongoing upkeep for sustained results:

  • Factor in follow up touch up appointments every 12-24 months
  • While discounted compared to initial procedure, touch ups still represent an added cost
  • Consistent touch ups can amount to multiple thousands over the years

For devoted beauty maintenance already accustomed to consistent financial investments – nano brows simply represent the next generation of cosmetic commitment.

FAQs: Your Top Nano Brow Questions Answered

Still have some lingering questions about nano brows? Discover the most common nano brow inquiries:

Does getting nano brows hurt?*
No, nano brow procedures should not be painful thanks to numbing cream applied beforehand. At most clients report mild tugging but tolerate the procedure well by chatting with their technician
How long do nano brows last on average?
On average nano brows last between 1-3 years depending on your skin type, pigments used, and adherence to aftercare. They don’t last quite as long as microblading but longer than average cosmetic tattoos.
Can nano brows work on all skin types?

While best suited for normal to oily skin, nano brows can work wonderfully on most skin types as long as you don’t have sensitivities or conditions that may cause complications or poor pigment retention. Always consult your technician.

Who should avoid nano brows?
If you have sensitive skin, keloids, active skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis, or allergies to tattoo ink, nano brows carry higher risks of complications. Have your doctor review suitability beforehand if concerned.
How can I make nano brows last as long as possible?

Follow aftercare directions closely, always apply sun protection, avoid skin peels or abrasion treatments, get scheduled touch up appointments consistently, and carefully cleanse brows without vigorous scrubbing. Protecting nano brow skin preserves longevity!

For those interested in achieving beautiful bespoke eyebrow enhancement through nano brows, schedule your consultation today with microblading expert Shadiyah Camille of Toledo Microblading by Shadiyah Camille.

Bring in photos of your ideal brow goals and together you’ll design the perfect shape, thickness, and color intensity to elevate your features.

Invest in long lasting nano brows specially formulated for your skin and facial structure. Contact Toledo Microblading by Shadiyah Camille now to learn more and get started!

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