Lip Blushing

What is Lip Blush?

Lip blushing is a form of semi-permanent makeup. Essentially, it is a cosmetic tattoo of the lips that enhances the beauty of the natural lip color, improving the shape of the lips, giving definition and the illusion of fullness.This treatment delivers very natural results, once healed. Filler is great for creating volume in your lips, but lip blush delivers a more natural look and gives the illusion of fuller lips.

  • Results 2 to 3 years
  • Duration 2-2:30 hours
  • PRICING: $500
  • $50 booking
  • $350 first session
  • $100 perfecting touch up


90 Days Prior

DO NOT get any form of injections and lip fillers

28 Days Prior

DO NOT get a Botox treatment

DO NOT use Retinols/Retin-A or other anti-aging/acne creams around lips

7 Days Prior

DO NOT tan or have a sunburn

DO keep lips exfoliated and moist, avoid them getting dry and cracked for optimal results

48 hours prior

DO NOT take aspirin, ibuprofen, niacin, vitamin E, fish oil (omega-3) or CoQ10

DO take anti viral medication if prone to cold sore/herpes

24 hours prior

DO NOT drink alcohol or caffeine




Taking care of your new lips after lip treatment is extremely important to how your lips will look after they are fully healed and the longevity of your lip blush treatment.


Day 1
Immediately following the procedure, lips will feel dry, chapped, tight and tender to the touch. They may appear swollen and bright in color as well

For 4 hours after treatment, apply light pressure on lips with a clean paper towel, to remove any lymph. After 4 hours start applying ointment as needed to keep lips constantly moist

No kissing, rubbing or friction on treatment area

Day 1-3
Apply ointment on lips several times a day, keep lips moist at all times. Avoid oily, spicy and heavy seasoned food and drink with a straw. After every meal gently rinse and clean lips with water then pat dry and re-apply ointment.

Days 4-7

At this stage lips will start peeling and be completely done peeling, color will lighten by 30%-50%. Do not pick or rub your lips and let the peeling happen naturally. Continue keeping lips moist!


Lips are done peeling, color is light. Client may return to normal routines. Lips will continue to heal, up to 6 weeks. Every week more color will surface, it is important to continue keeping lip moist to get the best color at the end of healing phase.

WEEK 6-8

Your lips are healed and you’re feeling unstoppable!!! Just add some lip gloss and go!

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